L2R Rock Band

Great Southern Music has been upgrading and expanding our student rock band instruction program which we now present as L2R (Learn 2 Rock). This is a most exciting time at GSM with our "Re-Dedication" to excellence in music instruction while, on a much larger scale, combining the essential ingredients found in private lessons with the immeasurable personal satisfaction and performance experience catalyzed in L2R. Over the past two years we have learned how this valuable and productive program provides a group performance activity for our students where social interaction blends so easily with ensemble instruction. We have come to realize that those who have participated have predominantly become our "Star Players" and that they as well as their parents have become our best source of marketing for our new product. We want to offer this opportunity for musical success to more of our students thus we have committed to expand as well as "step up" our professional approach to how we conduct what we now call L2R.

L2R Praise Band

Participation in L2R Praise carries a multitude of benefits to parents, students, and the churches where they attend. We feel this is an excellent opportunity for us to prepare these young musicians for a future of contributing their talents within their own church as we develop their performance level and ability right up to the point where they become vital musical members of their Church. We at Great Southern Music believe that L2R Praise is an excellent opportunity for our local Churches to "Home Grow" young member musicians with the intent to build their involvement in music ministry on an ongoing basis. Over the last two years our program has made it clear to GSM and our band Parents that virtually all of our participants grew at musically accelerated rates, helping them to achieve a performance level acceptable to become recruited for the Youth and (in some cases) Adult Praise Bands in their respective Churches.

Here's how it works:

Students who enroll in our GSM School of Music taking private lessons in Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion, Voice, Saxophone, Violin, Brass/Woodwinds, are eligible to enroll in L2R upon being recommended by their instructor (usually within three to six months). The instructor keeps a student progress log which is reviewed monthly to determine when to send a letter of recommendation to the parents, explaining that their student has achieved technical level to begin participating in a band. Once the student is ready, good things begin to happen with commencement of the band instruction sessions, and the student begins to improve at a significantly increased rate.

If you have any questions about the program, please call Great Southern Music at 770-606-9009